About Servas
Servas was established in 1949 to promote peace around the world. The initial idea was that if people really knew each other, from direct personal contact, peace could be a real possibility. Wars happen only when we see people of other countries and cultures as "the Other".
So we help people become true friends by inviting "the Other" into our homes, to share our homes and lives with the intention of enlarging the global family.
As a Servas Traveler you can visit over 100 countries, spend a night or two in any of over 10,000 host homes, or just meet up with someone who will give you the inside story of their country and culture over a cup of coffee or a walk around their city.
You can also be one of those who opens up their homes to other Servas Travelers and offers overnight accommodation. As a Host you may accept or reject a traveler based solely on your personal judgment. But we would hope that any rejection of hospitality is never based on race, country of origin, or religious beliefs.
All members are screened to be sure that they understand our goals. Travelers will always have an approved Letter of Introduction (with yearly stamp) when they arrive and are encouraged to report back to their National Secretary with summary of their travel experience.
Each country has a National Secretary who can supply Host Lists for any of our member countries, giving names, addresses and necessary info for Travelers. If you choose to be a Host (for overnight visitors) or a Day Host (someone who agrees to meet a traveler for coffee or such, and be a friendly local face for a few hours), your information will be included in the Greek Host List.
You can change your status at any time.
To join SERVAS GREECE CLICK HERE for the application form. Please fill out, sign and return it to me by email or regular mail. Please include a passport type picture. When I get your application, I will call you for the interview, and to answer any questions you might have. We have about 20 hosts in Greece at this time, and I look forward to adding another friendly face to our list!!
Terry Stone
National Secretary
a servas member
About Servas